Energy Services

We work with strategic decision makers to navigate the uncertainty within transitioning energy markets.

We consider complex problems from the perspectives of our clients and their customers to deliver practical and pragmatic solutions that balance our client’s needs on, sustainability, reliability and profitability. We don’t just look at the challenges we also look at exciting opportunities relating to energy.

Risk & Strategy

With a thorough understanding of energy markets, we can decipher its complexity, understand the risks and offer meaningful hedging strategies for customers, retail portfolios or generators.

We have a combined experience of 25 years covering generation, wholesale trading and retail in front, middle and back office which enables us to effectively assist businesses manage their interactions with wholesale and retail markets.

Combined with our carbon measurement capability, we can help senior management understand their companies’ exposure and risk to both the energy and carbon markets, and translate that into both a strategy policy and a risk management framework

Behind The Meter (BTM) Solutions

Empire is experienced in the economic and financial modelling of appropriately sized technical solutions for generation and storage. We can assess wholesale or retail arbitrage, ancillary services, demand reductions and other value opportunities, as well as providing insight into the challenges of co-optimisation of these services.

In addition to our in-house modelling capability, the broader Empire ecosystem contains a suite of experts capable of providing all the hardware and software you need to have an optimised, no-fuss, measurable solution to your energy needs.

Contracting Strategies, Trading & Portfolio Management

When sourcing energy for our clients, we are not merely implementing a procurement process: we are focusing on quantifying and mitigating energy market risk exposure. Empire undertakes a forward-looking framework necessary for our clients to mitigate the risk of potential future market movements.

Our experts bring deep technical expertise and experience in developing and executing energy and renewable energy contracting strategies. We support large businesses in hedging their energy markets exposure, sourcing less emissions intensive energy and maximising the benefits they can capture from these markets using their own physical assets (demand response, battery storage).

Scope 2 Emissions Reduction: PPA’S & BTM

Corporate renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) have become a key consideration in 100% renewable energy, carbon neutrality and/or net zero emissions strategies. In addition to the emissions reduction benefits, a corporate renewable PPA offers a potential hedge against medium and long-term electricity market price risks.

Combining a PPA with Behind the Meter Solutions for our clients is a key methodology for the reduction of Scope 2 Emissions.

Empire can undertake the assessment of your energy needs for a PPA as well as the financials for behind the meter solutions for your site.

The sum of our work will enable a holistic assessment of your total energy costs and Carbon Emissions.